One of my favorite trends is the dark lip for fall/winter. Something that popped up on the runways and is here to stay for a seasonal staple. The tutorial below shows a step by step on how to prep and apply dark lips, but the same steps can be used for all bold lipstick choices. Perfect for your year-round classic red and great for your pops of bright colors in the spring and summer. Just follow these steps to have a statement smile!
1. Trace concealer around your mouth and blend. This will help border the lip liner and help reduce feathering while also making the color pop.

2. Take a lip liner that is close to your shade or this fantastic Universal Lip Liner from Sephora to lock your color in on your lips.

3. There are two ways you can apply your lipstick: 1) directly from the tube for a richer punch of pigment or 2) with a lip brush so that you can control the shade to your preference.

4. Blot with a tissue and apply one more coat to set the color.

5. Don’t forget this step! Take your (clean!) index finger and place the tip into your mouth, close and draw your finger away. This will help prevent your lipstick from sticking to your teeth!! A sad makeup mistake that happens so this extra step can help lower the chance of it happening! On that note, tiny PSA: if you ever see a fellow woman who has lipstick on her teeth, PLEASE be a dear and politely mention that she does. Wouldn’t you want someone to tell you?! No one ever wants to feel silly!

6. Be careful about re-applying! Too much product can build up and appear cakey. Choosing long lasting, hydrating formulas will help.

7. Smile!


Below are some of my favorite dark burgundy lip products!