It seems as though the holiday creep is getting earlier and earlier each year! Dont’t get me wrong, I am so excited for Christmas but there were Best Buy and PetsMart Christmas commercials playing throughout the World Series before Halloween, they’re already setting up Papa Noel’s Christmas Tree on Lamar and I’ve seen numerous strung lights already. Poor Thanksgiving!! I am sad that it’s getting mulled over! I love getting to celebrate family, friends, food and all that there is to be thankful for.

The quick transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas that we can be thankful for is the savings and many deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! For those who have already started shopping for the holidays or if you’d like to take advantage of the deals and sales for yourself, I wanted to go ahead and share my gift guides!

For Your Youngster:

Gigi Hadid Jet Setter Palette: I do think it is the perfect gift for your tween or teen who’s just getting into makeup. The philosophy behind the palette was to “have everything for a light every-day look, quickly and easily,”-Gigi Hadid. Complete with two handy brushes, concealer, two lip balms, four neutral eyeshadow colors fit for any beginner, blush, bronzer, highlighter and mascara- this palette has everything consolidated into one cute package. (I WANT THIS!) So cute and handy. 

Real Techniques Illuminate+ Accentuate Brush Set. Part of having a firm foundation in beginning to wear makeup and applying it, is having the right tools. Simple to use, the gradient is so cute and the set easy on your wallet! Beauty Blenders run $20 a piece, in this set you get two sponges that are just as great and 5 great brushes that make applying makeup a cinch.

Pacifica Bali Coconut Lip Balm. For soft smooth lips

Glossier Phase 1 Set. Perfectly packaged cleanser, moisturizer and universal balm. This is a great starter kit for your kiddo. The Milk Jelly Cleanser is so fun to use. It’s a neat gel cleanser that you can use wet or dry to remove makeup and impurities morning and night. The Priming Moisturizer is a gentle moisturizer that evens skin tone and texture while smoothing the skin with a burst of hydration. The Balm Dot Com comes in a few different flavors. I like the Mint and Coconut and Cherry since it has a little red tint to it. This makes for a great and easy way her to get in a habit of taking care of her skin.

CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara- Fantastic mascara for beginners. The brush is so easy to use to swipe through top lashes for just the right amount of definition and fullness.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow- Because everyone needs some sparkle! This liquid shadow can be used as a liner, all over as a shadow, and on cheeks and face for some extra fun. Sadly this set is already sold out but you can purchase any color here!

For Your Mom:

Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette Smokey– I’ve got a hip mom. She is constantly showing me cool new makeup things that she reads about or finds. I love my Glamcor light she bought me for my birthday-which I had no idea existed haha. Anyways, she loves Huda’s highlighters and lipsticks so I thought this palette would be a good addition to her makeup collection. Perfect mix of matte and shimmer shadows in a deep neutral palette that is a tad dramatic. So pretty.

Tata Harper Rejuvenating Hand Cream- We sell Tata’s line at W3LL People, and I love the smell and anti-aging properties of her rejuvenating hand cream. Yes it’s v expensive hand lotion but it is totally worth every penny!

Giorgio Armani Life is A Cruise Sunrise Palette How GORGEOUS is this bronzer/highlighter hybrid?? It’s one of those makeup products that are almost too pretty to use. Four shades of varying depths and textures make for the most beautiful bronzy and highlighted skin. Since my parents always head off to Kona for the month of January, this would make the perfect gift for her.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Eye Edition Palette- Another great eyeshadow palette with lovely neutral shadows with the addition of three smudgable waterproof eyeliners and a duel ended brush to perfect the smokey eye.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Honey Smile Lift Lip & Contour Sculpting Treatment- A nice eye cream or lip treatment that reverses the signs of aging would make a nice gift. This luxe lip treatment is made with the black honey of bees in France to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while plumping and creating a more defined lip shape.

Smashbox Drawn In. Decked Out. Be Legendary Lipstick and Lip Mattifier Set– These lipsticks are too cute. My mother has always said, “Never leave home without a touch of lipstick!” A rule that I break WAY too often. She always has a lipstick somewhere close by. Lots in her purse, some in the glove box, and some scattered around the house. These little ones are perfect purse size and I love the range of colors and the option to mattify.

If you’re like me, you want to dote on your mom and make her feel special. Often moms put themselves last to take care of so I like to gift some items that she maybe wouldn’t typically reach for but she may need. With the height of the holiday season resting on her shoulders, there seem to be 1,000 other things your mom has to juggle on top of your typical day to day. Extra presents, getting the house decorated, making food, making sure the house is in order for out of town guests, keeping track of parties and endless entertaining. Makes my head spin just typing all of it out and makes me appreciate my mom and what she does to keep the family in order and manage to throw us amazing holidays! My mom loves her aromatherapy, so this Tata Harper Be Well Aromatic Mood Therapy Treatment Set is perfect. Aromatic Energy for stamina through the long days, Irritability for when my dad and sisters wear at her patience, Stress treatment for all of the above, and Bedtime for when it’s time to rest and recharge.


Bobbi Brown Luxe Eyeshadow– My sisters aren’t super into crazy eye looks. They’re big fans of a light shadow, barely there liner or no liner at all and lots of mascara to play up our lashes. I think this pale pink golden sparkly shadow would look so gorgeous on their blue eyes.

Colourpop Amber Set– My sister Claire loves amber. It’s been her signature scent since high school. With the scented orangey lip balm, peach colored liquid highlighter and setting spray formulated with white and green tea, Vitamin C and mango- the combo is supposed to mimic “liquid sunshine and helps to balance your emotions, clear your mind and release negative energy.”

YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lipstick- Again, since they don’t typically play up their eyes in a dramatic way, they do reach for bold lips. This Crazy Tangerine is such a cool color. Would work for USC games for AR!

-Gifting products that you know your recipient knows and loves is a fool proof. Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner and Nars Creamy Concealer has been two of their staples in their makeup bags for years.

Fenty Beauty Matchstix Trio- We’re all just a tad obsessed with Rihanna. And by tad, I mean fully. From her music to her personal style, her own line of clothes, we knew her makeup line was going to be nothing short of amazing. These Matchstix are awesome. I love how your highlight, concealer and contour magnetically sticks together so you don’t have to riffle through your makeup bag to find what you’re looking for. The packaging is cool and the colors are on point. Anything from her product line would make a great gift.

-Marc Jacobs On the Prowl Full Face Collection- Since sisters are always borrowing and coveting what one another has, why not give them something that you have tested and loved. I’ve had my sisters steal tons of my products over the years! This Full Face Collection is the full package. I love my Velvet Noir Mascara more than anything and this set includes that, two beautiful eyeliners, the Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette in Glambition and one of Marc Jabobs Beauty’s top selling lipstick color. Totally fits into our aesthetic- neutral shadow, little liner, mega lashes and a nice lip. And it’s a great price!

RMS Signature Palette– i love the diversity of my best friend’s jobs but they all have one thing in common: They’re always on the go. Something that would help them get ready in just a few steps in one palette either at home or in the parking garage- this all natural palette is wonderful. Includes their famous Baruti Bronzer, Magic luminizer, two Lip2Cheek colors and a vanilla scented lip balm. Really all you need is just a little mascara and bam you’re good to go!

E.L.F. Beautifully Bare Glowing Eyes Palette– These look so luxe and it’s only $8 bucks!

Nude Lip Essentials Kit– I gave this kit to my best friend for her bday and it was a hit. For someone always on the hunt for the perfect nude lip, this essentials kit helped making that easier!

E.L.F. Powder Blush and Contour Duo– Bronzy skin and flushed cheeks rank high on what a lot of my friends are after. This Nars dupe is a great alternative to their best selling blush and Laguna Bronzer for when you want to save money on some products and splurge on others.

-Going along with gifting something that you have tried and loved, I want to share the wealth of the Tatcha Essentials Kit, Pursoma Dry Brush and Bath Treatments, and Keys Eye Butter. I am totally obsessed with the Tatcha Water Cream and the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. I haven’t had my skin feel this good from a product in so long. The Water Cream is infused with rice enzymes like the cleanser and exfoliant, red algae and Japanese Wild Rose amp up the hydration factor while smoothing over fine lines and pores. It’s amazing.

With everything my pals have going on, I think a nice bath treatment is a perfect way for them to relax and give some time back to themselves to stay centered. Pursoma has a lovely line of treatments ranging from a cold cure, detox after yoga, foot soak, revitalizing and a body mask. Their dry brush is also a nice way to improve circulation and keep skin nice and smooth!

Keys Eye Butter is such a hit at W3LL People. People just love the texture and anti aging properties of this creamy eye butter.


-Kiehl’s First Class Essentials Kit- Really everything your guy could need! Shampoo and conditioner, Facial Fuel cleanser, moisturizer and lip balm all conveniently in travel sizes.

Jack Black’s Thickening Shampoo and Nourishing Hair and Scalp Conditioner– Something he might not normally splurge on but would actually use and appreciate. Refreshing Tea Tree and Basil scent is just as much as a present to you as it is for him!

Kalamazzo Beard and Facial Wash– Facial hair seems to be as on trend as ever- or men are just loving not having to shave their faces everyday..anyways, Kalamazzo is a buttery facial cleanser that softens their beard with almond and jojoba oil and has pineapple enzymes to get rid of built up oil and dirt that can stick to the hair follicle and cause ingrown hairs and blemishes. (see Hall–use it!)

Commodity Fragrance Discovery Kit– Perfect kit for someone who doesn’t wear cologne. I always get a fragrance kit for my dad on Christmas. He has such a great cologne collection. I truly believe that smelling nice is another form of good manners. Dad always smells so great. This little kit has samples of Bergamot, Orris, Vetiver, Book, Moss, Wool, Gold, Mimosa, and Rain eau de parfum. Best part is that they’re unisex so whatever your man doesn’t like, maybe you will! Sharing is caring!

Burroughs Beard Oil- To keep his facial hair nice and conditioned and soft to the touch. Plus it has a pleasant woodsy, sandalwood scent.

Braun Wet or Dry Electric Razor– for when he does want to shave! Make sure it’s the easiest and gentlest way to remove unwanted hair with or without water.

2 Step Blackhead Off Nose Pad– For when you want to treat your man to a little spa session on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It is absolutely so satisfying to see what you can get out of their pores.


I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!!

Happy Shopping!




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