My brilliant business consultant and friend, Jessica Thompson, brought this INCREDIBLE Dries Van Noten bandeau top home after vacationing in Paris. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve laid my eyes on being a perpetual sucker for anything glittery, sparkly, or iridescent. It reminds me of a nebula. So so SO beautiful.

With so many colors, my mind immediately went in 10 different directions on how to compliment her makeup to such a stand out piece. I wanted to play up the futuristic characteristics of the top so I suggested a metallic touch on the Cupid’s Bow with a bold lip.

Again, I think the main focus of the look is the metallic Cupid’s Bow. If you don’t have a metallic eyeliner- shadow, highlighter/shimmer will have the same effect- or perhaps loading up on the GloMinerals concealer since it has some illuminator in it will work just fine to.

Few steps:

1. Apply concealer around the edges of your mouth and blend. To make a bold lipstick pigments pop even more, apply a dab of concealer all over your lips and blend too.

2. Line your lips with a similar color to your lipstick and blend.

3. Apply lip color, blot.

4. Take the metallic product and line the top of your Cupid’s bow and very top of your lips, blend with finger. You can make this as dramatic or as faint as you wish.

5. Re-apply lip color right out of the tube for a brighter punch of color and voila!


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