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I wanted to introduce a new blog series that I am very excited to share! I love being apart of my bride’s wedding day for many reasons. Foremost, making her look and feel as beautiful as possible; I also really like the process! I’ve always loved getting ready with my friends for an event and a girl’s wedding day is just one big party with the people that you care about most. 

I have asked my past and present brides if they would like to be featured in this series. With each and every little thing happening with so many people and moving parts, my angle was simple. What is one secret that you would like to share about your wedding day?

Something that happened between just the bride and groom, friends, or family that she thought was sweet, romantic, hysterical, or sentimental. I have experienced so many laughs (and tears!) when getting the bridal party ready. Always fun for me and I thought it would be a great way to feature my brides and a way for them to reflect on their big day and share something unique with family and friends who may didn’t know their secret! 

Hope you all enjoy!


Kicking the series off with one of my first brides and best friends!

What is one secret you would like to share about your wedding day?

My husband and I got married in my grandfather’s backyard on April 27, 2013, which turned out to be the wettest day of the year in Houston. The end result was a lot of wet guests, somewhat controlled chaos, and two totaled cars. I guess you can say it was one of those roll-with-the-punches kind of weddings. Going into the wedding day, we had bright and sunny skies with only a thirty percent chance of rain. There hadn’t been much rain that year and my grandfather’s house had two tennis courts, one covered and one uncovered, so we decided to take our chances and stick to the plan.

As I was getting my hair and makeup done by Cren de la Cren, the down pour started and didn’t stop for another seven hours. With the rain continuing to fall, we delayed the ceremony and moved the cocktail hour inside my grandfather’s house. While sitting upstairs in the dressing room, waiting for the rain to subside, I grew a tad impatient with the weather and decided to join our guests at the cocktail hour.  Luckily for me, I am an identical twin, so I was able to wear my twin sister’s bridesmaid dress while she stayed upstairs and I got to play her. It didn’t take long for our guests to realize it was me, but I still had a magnificent time despite the six plus inches of rain and the not so traditional wedding!” 

-Catherine Nevins Grell, Bride

-Wedding Date: April 27th, 2013

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