Airbrush Tanning

I offer airbrush tanning in Austin at my studio. Spray tanning is not only the healthiest option when it comes to getting that great bronze glow, it’s also the quickest and easiest. In 10  minutes, you’ll have a great sun kissed look.

$30/ In Studio Session

Before You Tan
• It is preferable that you come freshly showered, exfoliated and shaved-sans oils, moisturizers, lotions and deodorant. These steps will help the product stay on longer.
• All waxing appointments should take place a day or two before your tan to prevent uneven coloring.
• Wear or bring clothing that is dark and loose to avoid excess contact or staining of your clothes. (It will come out in the wash, but tight clothes can absorb some of the product off your skin.)

Other Tips
• Tan usually lasts anywhere from 7-10 days depending on how frequently you shower.
• Please refrain from any exercise, sweating or water for at least 8 hours after your tan.
• You can gauge when you want to shower for your desired color. 4 hours after for a light tan, 6 for a medium tan and 8+ for the fully developed color.
• Some clients like to sleep overnight in their tans, just make sure to either use dark colored sheets or wash your sheets in the morning if some of the product comes off in the night.
• Shower normally using a mild soap and apply lotion or moisturizer after to lock in the color.
• I use all natural and organic products also!