Happy Friday!

Time for another bridal spotlight!

I have asked my past and present brides if they would like to be featured in this series. With each and every little thing happening with so many people and moving parts, my angle was simple:

What is one secret that you would like to share about your wedding day?

“A secret/fun fact about our wedding is that I cut off the train of my dress because I wanted to feel free on our big day–getting weighed down by extra fabric and worrying about dirt sounded just no fun. I used some of the extra fabric to make my garter, and to make my husband, Danny, a handkerchief/pocket square, embroidered with our initials. I sold my dress but I’ll always have those pieces with me :)”  

-Alex Abdallah Johnson, Bride

Wedding Date: October, 26th 2012

Photographs Courtesy of: Forever Photography Studio

Best wishes to you two!


Alex & Danny

Alex & Danny

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Her sister, Julianna

Sister Julianna