SXSW is either a love or loathe situation for native Austinites. While I do love what it does for everyone participating in all of it’s activities, I like to get the heck out of town. Too. many. people. And since I am still invited to come on Spring Break with my family and some of our closet family friends, I like to take a week off for some quality family time. This is when it sure pays off to be your own boss and make your own schedule 🙂 I flew directly to Anguilla from Charleston-totally different climates. If you look back you can see some of the fun makeup that I’ve done to my sis and our famiy friend’s daughters over the past few years. Since we’re usually by a beach right as spring is beginning, I like to play with lots of color. Here are just a few pictures of our stay at the Viceroy in Anguilla. Such an incredible hotel. Kelly Wearstler was responsible for the impeccable detail in design-every aspect of the hotel was incredible, but my favorite was the outdoor shower and looking up an seeing the clouds. The water was so beautiful too.I made it home just in time to see Amanda and Middle Class Murder play on Saturday! Thought I’d play around with a traditional cat eye by adding two more tick marks for a feathered look. Long stretch of Charleston–>Anguilla–>back home but had an amazing vacation! Happy to be back home before Augusta!