Packing for Kona

Waiting for this trip has been the bane of my existence lately. I have been packed for a week and a half, and repacked like 12 times to make sure I had everything or wasn’t overpacking. I was a little apprehensive being that I haven’t been on a plane since August coming back home from overseas such a high to one of the lowest lows I could imagine. Losing Silas was such a difficult obstacle to overcome, so this long flight and leaving my new kitten Crookshanks at home with my sister is kicking up some old memories. I know he’s in great hands and I miss him already but I can’t really help it. I got a nice kick of business throughout the holidays and most recently Bachelor’s weekend, but I don’t really have anything scheduled until a wedding at the end of the month so I am taking advantage of my downtime before my crazy spring takes over. Soon I will be on the beaches of Kona with my family, godparents and old friends from my childhood so I am happy about that!

Packing clothes for this week long vacation was a bit difficult but packing my makeup was a breeze! Here is what I packed:

I am majorly lacking some Vitamin D, and not in the sense where I’m just saying that I need some sunshine, I had a doctor tell me that my Vitamin D was unhealthily low so as much as I am planning to get some sun while hiking, snorkeling, surfing and just vegging, I still know that I am going to burn. My family has been blessed with olive to tan skin that receives the sun’s rays so easily, yet I have been cursed with skin that will burn in any given situation, so sunscreen was the first thing in my bag. UltaMD is my dermatologist’s pick for me.

I also need Vitamin SEA. I plan to be in the water for as long as I can doing any and every activity.  I can’t stand to sit still for too long. I also plan to fully embrace my sea salted waves, freckles and any kind of color I can get. I will be thanking the Hawaiian gods for getting to take a nice break from a heavy handed approach with makeup and embrace a no-makeup look and just enhance certain features when we go out for dinner!

Shimmering lids and skin go perfectly with sun-kissed skin and freckles. My Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette has an array of beautiful colors to play up my eyes in any outfit.

-I will be getting an extra boost of hydrating with my Marc Jacobs Beauty Undercover Coconut Primer under a dab of Charlotte Tilbury’s shimmering foundation. Liquid drops of shimmer for some extra highlight will be all I need! If I want to punch it up, I packed some bold lip colors to instantly elevate my look.

Apothecary’s coconut and macadamia nut shimmering The Glow Oil will help my skin recover from the sun and Bobbi Brown’s Beach Lotion will help me smell tropical!

Can’t wait for some quality time with my family in Kona!