On November 11th 2012, I was beyond thrilled to head over to Times Square with my best friend to participate in Cosmo’s 4th Annual ‘Kisses for the Troops” campaign. Held on Veteran’s Day, Comso has partnered with Maybelline Cosmetics for this special event where women can come to the tent located in the heart of Times Square to get their Maybelline lipstick applied by one of their makeup artists, kiss a postcard and write a message to send to our troops abroad! For each ‘kiss’ collected, $1 is donated to the United Service Organizations. The best part about the campaign is that the troops get their ‘kisses’ on New Year’s Eve, so they too can have a kiss at the stroke of midnight! That just warms my heart. It is such cute and fun way to show the troops overseas our appreciation.

To each and every person who serves, we thank you for your dedication and bravery. Much love and prayers for your safe return home to your families and friends!

Many thanks for all you do!


-Fun link of Celebrities who have participated: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/celebrity/exclusive/celeb-kisses#slide-1

-For more information on the USO and to find out how you can help, please visit http://www.uso.org/!

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