Words can’t begin to describe how proud I am of my sister Claire and her BFF Catrina Sariol. They have been hard at work for the last year creating After Hours Los Angeles. They only wanted to feature the best colors and fabrics in their first line. They’ve pushed the boundaries with their designs wanting to have functional pieces such as slip dresses, bras and chokers, that work around the clock, functional, high quality, cool and edgy for all shapes, heights and sizes. I have also worked to help them with doing the makeup and photographing some of their content which was super fun for me!

The first was just Claire and I messing around in Kona one afternoon. We knew we wanted to take advantage of our surroundings and just stomped around the grounds at Kohaniki and changed up her look a few times to go with each bra.

Second shoot was in San Juan and Laguna beach. Claire’s friend Hannah had the perfect look. I didn’t want to cover up her freckles! The look that Claire and Catrina had in mind for the shoot was perfect. Super highlighted skin, easy but cool color on the eyes. I am so sad my camera died before I could snap a close-up of the second look. Her eyes looked like a rainbow fish with so many colors and the glitter. So good.

Third, was at Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas of Claire sporting gun metal, white, midnight navy, and AR in the white crocodile choker.

Check the photos below, and http://www.afterhourslosangeles.com/ to shop their collection! Congratulations sister bear! I’m so proud of you!