As the days and weeks pass by this busy summer, I decided to go on a bit of a cleaning rampage while packing for another event coming up this weekend. I couldn’t believe some of the products I was digging through while trying to pack up my makeup kit, most of which had been pushed into the back of my drawers. All of my favorite products colors or products are located in the front for easy access and are either in my kit or personal makeup bag.

Besides my full makeup collection for myself and weddings, a lot of what I had hoarded was to show my Makeup RX clients examples of products that I would recommend. I believed that having them in studio for them to see with their own eyes and feel the texture etc. was a better than just showing them on my computer. Being a makeup artist, I am to be prepared for any look, have every color under the sun, and the best of the best out on the market. Let me tell you, it is a hard game and that is why I have ended up collecting so much over time.

Full confession: I have a difficulty in practicing what I preach. (Insert weird emoji gritting it’s teeth) I tend to be wearing less and less makeup, yet my occupation revolves around the application of makeup. I have JUST gotten into my own skincare yet I have every one of my clients that the entire foundation of makeup begins with good skin. And yes, cleaning out my makeup drawer has been put on the back burner for quite a while in order to keep those colors and products to show others, but better late than never!

It’s not the most bizarre time of year to clean shop though, actually this is the best because most fall collections are about to drop in August, there are sales left and right, my calendar up to December is booked with weddings so I am in transition mode. Also, I’m over summer in a BIG way. Bring on the cool temps, black sweaters and fall trends!

These are the following reasons why and how I decided to recycle or toss some of my old products:

1. Everything has an expiration date. Just like any product, once it is opened, moisture from the air, the air itself can oxidize and start to degrade the ingredients. Germs and continued use plays a factor into why you should toss products too.

2. Most makeup companies have an image that tells you when to toss. See examples below. You just have to remember when you bought the product!

3. If you can’t remember for certain, keep these basics in mind:

  • Mascara- 3 Months
  • Liquid Eyeliner- 3-6 Months 
  • Cream Shadows- 6 Months
  • Liquid Foundation- 6 Months to 1 Year
  • Concealer- 1 Year 
  • Lipgloss- 1 Year 
  • Lipstick- 2 Years 
  • Lipliner-2 Years+
  • Powders- Foundation/Bronzer/Blush/Setting Powder etc. 2 Years
  • Eyeshadow- 2 Years
  • Pencil Eyeliner- 2 Years 

****If you get any kind of eye infection toss eye makeup products IMMEDIATELY, DO NOT re-use, you will only reinfect.

4. If timing isn’t your thing, look for signs like change in:

  •  Texture, like your mascara is dried out and clumpy, foundation that has separated in the bottle, goopy lipgloss etc.
  •  Color, most makeup should be stored in a cool space. If the color looks like it has changed in the bottle at all, it’s prob time to toss.
  • Smell, I know this one is gross right? But you will know if your lipstick has started to have a stale smell to it! If any of your products start to have a different odor than when you opened it, it’s a good idea to chunk it.

5. I wanted to recycle what I could! MAC has a recycling program where if you return 6 empty containers you get a free lipstick. I depotted some of my MAC colors and filled an empty palette to get organized rather than have all those containers.

Also, I am really psyched to learn about TerraCycle. You can send in your cosmetic containers and old beauty products to recycle all of the packaging. Really an amazing program when you think about how many containers and products must go in the trash! No wonder Maybelline is partnered with them! Learn more here: 

Now that I have a less chaotic makeup collection, I can see which areas I need to add in for my upcoming events this year. With so many brides, debutantes, everyday clients and myself there is a lot to take into account. I will be posting what I’m on the lookout for to add to my Fall Collection next week so stay tuned for that! And it’s been great to go through and see some of these old colors that are more acceptable for fall/winter. I’ve been inspired on how I can use those in the upcoming months.


I know that was a bit of information to take in so if those notes were too much, please BOOK WITH ME! My MakeupRX Session is allllll about this. Your makeup collection is just like your wardrobe. Now that Fall is approaching, it’s almost time to put away the shimmer, light shades and pops of color to make way for matte and drama! If you have specific events that are coming up and want a great look to go with your garment, this is just right for you. And it’s perfect for if you want to learn how to do your makeup during the day or amp it up at night. Let me help you makeup things easier on yourself! I definitely helped myself out with my own little session!

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Happy cleaning!