Flying home to visit loved ones? These beauty products have you covered to keep you looking your best for the holidays!

-water! Staying hydrated is your number one priority.

-chapstick or tinted lip balm! Don’t let your lips dry out!

-hand sanitizer or wipes! Beware of all the germs and bacteria that can get you sick and lead to unwanted blemishes!

-serum or gel lotion under foundation to stay hydrated! Your skin needs an extra boost of moisture when you are flying!

-skin mask: throw it on during the flight. Yes, you may risk looking like Silence of the Lambs but you’re on a plane full of strangers so why the heck not? In just 15-20 minutes your skin will receive collagen and multi vitamins that will keep you radiant and glowing.

-skin/makeup compact complete with bronzer, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, or mascara. Have this handy so you can touch up whatever you need before you land!

-watch what you eat! You are more prone to breakouts when you are ingesting a large amount of calories through eating and drinking holiday foods!