Man, after two failed attempts to get what I wanted up on the blog due to mobile/iPad/limited wifi over the last two days of traveling, this will be the shortened version. 

I am ecstatic to celebrate Thanksgiving. I adore Halloween but I was bummed to see that the red cups were out November first, Christmas commercials were already playing and stores were already filled with holiday cheer. I understand that people want to do their shopping in a timely manner, but Thanksgiving is such an important holiday and it was barely getting attention! Now that the holiday has arrived and I could not be happier to slow down and count my blessings. As I sit down for Thanksgiving with my family in California, I’m grateful to be counting even the smallest of blessings, but one at the top of my list is makeup. 

Trivial, I know, but as a makeup artist, it’s quite fitting. Especially throughout the holiday season, makeup can be quite a gift. I absolutely love how you can customize your look. A tad, none or fully glam; you can choose to let makeup aid in your boost for self confidence. Take a product such as: concealer-a lack of sleep, weather change, or perhaps overindulging in some extra food,sugar or alcohol over the holidays can help conceal all of those factors. Then there’s lipstick. According to an Allure poll, 95% of women instantly feel more confident with lipstick on. I think it’s pretty amazing that even if you feel proud, sassy, love drunk, stuck, frumpy, heartbroken, uninspired, or just blah, just one swipe can not only pull your look together but make you feel instantly polished and uplift your spirits.  It may be shallow to say but when you look good you feel good.

Holidays may make you crazy and bring out the wild in your family, but just remember don’t be scared to take risks in your appearance to brave the confidence in you need to deal with life in general.

Remember that you are beautiful with the gifts that God gave you.