Quick tutorial on my go-to costume for Halloween. I have worn this year after year because I can wear normal clothes and just paint my face up. Perfect costume for when you’re in a pinch-or you just don’t want to dress up that much! The beauty of this look is that you can customize it to your liking. I’ve experimented with different colors, added more details, and have worn a full face by mirroring the steps below on the other half!


What you’ll need for a basic skeleton
-Costume Makeup- I used my MakeupForever Flash Palette but any Halloween costume makeup or face paint at your local drugstore will work just fine. 
-Black eyeshadow
-Black Eyeliner-gel liner and waterproof liquid1st Row Steps: Begin by drawing a line down the center of your face with your black eyeliner, apply your white face makeup with a sponge or a brush, then draw a circle above your brow bone, extend it past your temple and bring it above your cheekbone to connect the circle to make your eye socket. Trace a small banana-like shape along your jawline as well.2nd Row Steps: Fill in your eye socket and mandible with a small brush and black face paint or gel liner. Now for your teeth! Take your gel liner and extend a horizontal line past your mouth to where it almost connects with your ‘mandible’. Then create small vertical lines along your mouth and the extended line. Take a small brush and slightly round off the squares you have created and shade with the black eyeshadow for a toothy appearance. Fill in a triangle on your nose for your nasal cavity.3rd Row Steps: For definition, take your waterproof liquid liner and trace over your initial lines. Add some dimension with black shadow on a fluffy brush and blend along your chin, hairline, and nose for a finished look!

If you’d like to elevate your skeleton costume, here are a few extra steps for a Dia De Los Muertos look.

-Draw and fill in tiny semi circles all around your eye socket.
-Add any extra details like swirls, or a spider web (draw a few extra lines from the center of your forehead, then make small arches in between) and shading for more drama.
-Duh, add GLITTER!

BOOm, you’re finished!

Have a Happy Halloween!!!