My hangover tips from last year are still holding strong!


We’ve all been there.

New Year’s Day is always rough. No matter what your night entailed you’ve woken up with a pounding headache, queasy stomach and looking like a train wreck.

Fear not! These quick beauty tips will have you looking as good as new!

A hot or cold shower is a good place to start, if you don’t have the strength-makeup wipes and washing your face will suffice. You’re dehydrated in all aspects-so give your skin something to drink. Slather on a nice layer of moisturizer. Origins GinZing is a nice option because of it’s Energy Boosting coffee and ginseng levels to help jumpstart hydrating the skin. Too Faced has also created Hangover RX with probiotics, coconut water (heavy in natural electrolytes and smells delicious), and skin revivers to promote radiance and prime your skin back into looking like you got a full 8 hours of sleep.

Rohto Eye Drops– your entire body is dehydrated. Since the body is mostly comprised of water-the lack of hydrating restricts everything from working properly. Your eyes are tired, itchy and sore because your tear ducts aren’t functioning properly. To soothe your eyes and rid any signs of redness making you look like a rabid animal- use some eye drops. My personal fave over the last few years have been Rohto’s. *Beware* these have a cooling sensation that last just for a few seconds, they can feel uncomfortable to some-I personally really like enjoy the sensation, you feel as though a polar bear just licked your eyeballs but it is extremely refreshing. In just a few minutes, your eyes will be gleaming white and bright.
First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller– This little roller promises to erase dark circles, reduce fine lines, soothe and moisturize any signs of wild night.
-Conceal any dark circles with Marc Jacobs Concealing Pen– the cool metal applicator wakes up tired eyes and stimulates collagen production to make eyes appear less ragged.
-Use flesh colored or white eyeliner along your water rim to make eyes appear bigger and brighter then off set the whites of your eyes and white liner with two nice coats of black mascara. The contrast will really make them pop.

Cheeks & Lips:
If you still feel like you look like mess even after taking the steps above, the best course of action is DISTRACTION. Take the focus away from your eyes and draw attention to your mouth or cheeks with a fun pop of color but be careful to not go overboard!

So now you may be looking less hungover, but that doesn’t help how you feel.
There is no guaranteed hangover cure but these little tricks are helpful!

-Two GIANT glasses of water and taking some Advil right before bed time as a way to lessen the blow in the morning.

-Pickle juice. The sodium in the brine helps retain any water that you drink while trying to rehydrate.

-Flavored Coconut Water–SO much better for you with it’s natural electrolytes.

-Orange, blue or Glacier Cherry Gatorades.

-BC Powder. This shit is SICK but I swear it makes such a difference. It’s powdered aspirin with caffeine that you can either dilute in water or juice, or just stick on your tongue and chase it with something. The caffeine helps resize your blood vessels back to their proper state so they can deliver the pain reliever faster. Because it’s in powdered form, the medicine is also delivered quicker to get you on the fast track to feeling a bit better.

-Sleep if you can!  I sadly can’t take naps unless I am dead-tired or ill, so since I can’t sleep it off, I do my favorite Sunday activity. Meth-lab up my living room (just tape foil over my windows to keep any sunlight out) then sit on my couch and binge on tv or movies until it’s actually dark outside.

-Brunch is a good idea. Eggs are great. Ciscos is my go-to. Burnt toast is the closest thing that comes to charcoal, which is what they pump your stomach with when you have alcohol poisoning. There’s a myth about greasy food to help ease your hangover- that may be true if you eat the greasy food before you start drinking. The grease helps line your intestines, but it does nothing after the fact except for giving you a bit of comfort in your favorite foods! Reliving the night and laughing with your closest friends over a little hair of the dog gives you the chance to lift your spirits or drown your sorrows!

-Sweat it out. if you’re up to it, a hot yoga class, spin, a loop around TownLake, or just hitting the sauna to sweat out all of the toxins from drinking can make you feel better too!

What are your go-to hangover helpers??

Feel better and Happy New Year!