In a new series, I am spotlighting favorite products, beauty routines and knowledge among the many faces that make our city so great! Here is my first feature! 



-What’s your story? (occupation etc.)

I’m a consultant for fashion and lifestyle brands, and I have a magazine called Velvet Dust that explores specific themes and topics through the work of emerging artists. 

Favorite thing to do in Austin?

I’m a total homebody! But when I’m out, I love to go to Justine’s or Clark’s for dinner and Josephine House for an after cocktail. 

-What is the background or wallpaper on your phone/computer?

A black and white image of a horse in a forest. I don’t remember where I found it or who shot it, but I’ve had it as my wallpaper for years.

-How would you describe your personal style?

It’s always evolving and changing a bit, but in general I’m drawn to avant-garde designers, asymmetry, and black. I like for things to be imperfect and to look a little bit different or “off”. 

-What is your favorite feature about yourself? or What makes you unique?

Oh that’s a tough one. I’m my worst critic. I guess I like that I have pretty naturally full lips. Neither of my parents do, so I’m not sure how I lucked out on that one! As far as what makes me unique, I’m not sure. I usually find myself wishing that I had more unique features – a weird nose, crazy eyebrows, different bone structure… 


-What is your typical beauty regiment? 

I keep it pretty simple, and I feel like it’s taken me a really long to figure out what actually works for me. I wash my face with an exfoliator by Arcona called Cranberry Gomage in the morning to slough off dry skin and a gel cleanser with salicylic acid by Paula’s Choice at night to remove makeup and to fight blemishes. A friend of a friend turned me on to Paula’s Choice. The name and packaging are a bit dorky, but the products are really great and well priced! In the mornings, I apply a hyaluronic acid serum by Inventive Eco Organics, then a Vitamin C gel from Paula’s Choice, then Glossier’s priming moisturizer, and finally Arcona’s Reozone 40, which is a tinted SPF 40 face lotion. I’m bad about using moisturizer under my eyes, but when I do I use Arcona’s Peptide eye serum.  At night, after I cleanse, I apply Paula’s Choice pore-reducing toner, then the hyaluronic serum again. I feel like my skincare is the core of my beauty regimen. If my skin looks healthy and dewy, I can be lazy with everything else. IMG_8355

For makeup, I use RMS “Un” Cover-up, which is a coconut oil-based concealar. I use it under my eyes and to cover blemishes, then use RMS’s bronzing cream as a bronzer and eyeshadow. I’ll brush my brows into place and apply mascara, and that’s usually it for the daytime! 

IMG_8361-Any beauty advice you’ve learned that everyone should know?

I always cover my lips in tons of balm before going to bed. A friend in high school used to do it, and I think it’s kept my lips from ever really chapping!

-What are 3 products you cannot live without?

Hurraw lip balm, my RMS “Un” cover up, and Tata Harper’s body oil

-What do you do when you want to look special? 

I usually choose between a bold lip or a bold eye look. For a bold lip, I like crimson red, or a dark purple-y cranberry color that I usually achieve by blending various lipsticks and liners. For bold eyes, I like really smokey, slightly messy eyes. IMG_8357

-Who’s beauty game are you envious of?

Anyone whose skin is glowing and dewy! 

-Any special places/people/sites you are inspired from-beauty wise?

Paris always inspires me. I love French girls slightly disheveled approach to beauty. 

-What is one technique or look are you dying to try?

The perfect cat eye liner. I have never been able to achieve it on my own. 

-What’s one look you wish you could pull off?

Liner under my eyes! I think that, because of my eye shape, it makes my face look droopy and makes me look sleepy. 

-What beauty product are you lusting after?

Every color of everything from RMS and all of the serums from Skinceuticals!

-Worst beauty blunder/memory?

Turquoise eyeliner + hot pink lips when I was 15. Do.not.know.what.I.was.thinking!!!!

-What makes you feel the most beautiful or confident?

My husband always tells me that his favorite look on me is no makeup, messy hair, not trying at all. That always makes me feel amazing because, of course, those are the moments when I’m the most self-conscious. 



-Is there anything on your beauty wish list this holiday season? 

More crimson lipsticks. I never tire of different brands, variations of mattes, gloss, lighter, darker…

-What’s your go-to product/look for holiday parties? 

I like anything metallic, so for holiday, I like to do metallic eyes and add some RMS Living Luminizer to my cheekbones. 

-What do you change up in your beauty routine with the seasonal/weather changes?  

My skin becomes soooo dry. It soaks up everything, so I usually add an oil to my skincare regimen. I like Tata Harper’s Beautifying oil



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