There’s nothing more classic in makeup than the basic cat eye. It may seem intimidating but with the right tools and products, and the steps below–you’ll be a pro in no time!

1. What you’re going to do is draw a small triangle on the ends of your eyelids along the lash line. Begin by taking your eyeliner brush (angled is the best brush option) or pen and extend the first tic mark up towards the end of your eyebrow.

2. From the top of the first mark, slightly tilt your chin up towards your mirror and draw a straight line down to your lash line.

3. Fill in triangle.

4. Trace the rest of your lash line with the angled brush or pen to connect the triangle.

Finish with mascara!

Below are some of my favorite eyeliners. Keep in mind that most of these eyeliner ‘pens’ are designed to line your eye with a simple stroke. The thinnest part works it’s way along your inner third along the lash line with the slightest touch and will naturally flick as you pull the pen away. Keep a Q-tip near for quick touch ups. Practice will help as well!