I’m in the beginning stages of implementing a new service for my business. I haven’t exactly decided what to call it yet but it’s basically online makeup consulting that is specific to a client’s outfit. I’ve always thought of makeup as an integral part of completing your look- your last accessory to tie everything together and I want to help guide you! 

I will have a submission form for the new service where you can upload photos of a particular outfit, garment or dress, accessories/jewelry, a photo of yourself in it or just your beautiful little face- how comfortable you are with your makeup skills, and your likes/dislikes of colors or certain techniques. From there, I will pitch back to you 3 ideas on how to top off your look. There will be an option for a step-by-step tutorial slideshow, video, Skype, or FaceTime session that is completely individualized and specific to your submission, along with links of all of the products I used to create your look. 

I know everyone is quite busy with work and life but if you have some event—rehearsal dinner, wedding, want to jazz up your face for a day at work, super hot date, social soiree, girls night out—whatever you have scheduled on your calendar that you would like to know what to do with your makeup for a certain outfit, please contact me! This is also a great way for me to extend my services and POV to clients in other cities!

If you have someone in mind  who might have something coming up, please pass it along to them! Submission forms will be coming soon! Examples will be coming on the blog later this week!

*Service designed for events 5 days in advance and is for $150

On top of this finishing touch service, I will be offering makeup lessons online too!

Full Face $55 -learn how to apply foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, groom eyebrows, basic eyeshadow application, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick.

Eyes Only $35– learn how to groom brows, basic shadow application, liner and mascara

Stay tuned for more details!