Say hello to Kathryn Swain of Wed to White! She has turned her love of searching for the perfect outfits and accessories for her “engagement to the big day” into a business! With her impeccable taste, finding anything white for any style is a cinch! Check out her interview below!


-What’s your story? (occupation etc.) – Ahhh- self bio’s! Long story short- I grew up in San Antonio and moved to Austin for college. Met some amazing people, had a great job(s) and really just enjoyed life and what I was doing which gets harder and harder as you get older. I met my now husband shortly after graduation and we dated for several years before moving to Houston 2 and  half years ago and even though its a big change from Austin we love it. After getting engaged and then married, I realized what a huge undertaking weddings are and instead of enter the wedding industry directly, I created a website, WedToWhite that is a curated site for brides and the wedding parties to use as a resource for all things fashion. From rehearsal dinner dresses, to bachelorette trip tops to honeymoon accessories- I wanted the site to be a comprehensive place for brides to find all things weddings in one place. Also very exciting, I am launching a consignment addition to the site where past brides and bridesmaids can sell their wedding goodies they no longer need!

-Favorite thing to do in Austin?– Even though I no longer live in ATX I love coming back any chance I get. Anything on the water makes me happy. Kayaking, boating or just running town lake makes you realize what an amazing place Austin really is. After dark you can most likely find me having a snack at Jeffreys, hush puppies at Perla’s or pink punch at Elizabeth Street Cafe- and don’t forget the Grove pretty much anytime the sun is out.

-What’s your favorite song? Eh that’s so hard- anything I can dance to on a spin bike or by Frank Sinatra

-Any words you live by? Blessed are those who may laugh at themselves, for they never cease to be amused!

-What is the background or wallpaper on your phone/computer? Pictures of our wedding in San Miguel de Allende- they are pretty much everywhere!

-How would you describe your personal style? A lover of neutrals with a touch of whatever’s trending. I try not to buy trendy pieces but I follow a 80/20 rule. (80% classic, 20% trendy). I also tend to wear a lot of white because of WedToWhite so I’m always trying to make sure I’ve got the perfect pieces to mix with all that white.

-What is your favorite feature about yourself? or What makes you unique? I would say my height? I’m 5’10 which for a girl tends to be pretty tall. I also like my skin tone which is dark pretty much year round. As for “beauty” items I would say my brows- my dad always told me to never trust someone that over plucked their eyebrows so I took that to heart and have always had very bold brows. Helpful now that the trend is in!


-What is your typical beauty regiment?  Shower after morning workout, which is a must- nothing gets skin glowing like a high heart rate! Post shower I apply a light moisturizer and light makeup- mainly mascara. I drink lots of water throughout the day to help keep hydrated and skin looking fresh. Depending on what the night brings I’ll add some more makeup if we are going out- some lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner.  If we are going to stay in I’ll just hop in the shower before bed and I always try to lather down in lotion that I add Vitamin E to.

-Any beauty advice you’ve learned that everyone should know? I add Vitamin E to most all my lotions and moisturizers. Its great for healing scars so I figured it had to be good for my skin all over and I’ve noticed a great difference! Also, be careful what you put on your skin/ body. Just because someone tries to sell it to you doesn’t mean you should buy it! Pick makeup/ hair products, etc that you feel beautiful and confident, not what other people or the media tell you.

IMG_1779-What are 3 products you cannot live without? 1)Armani concealer and corrector! I have the worst dark circles and by mixing the two they create a perfect tone I haven’t been able to achieve with anything else.  2) Armani Luxury Mascara that actually curls your lashes for you- or Dior Blackout is a classic. 3) A good  bronzer- Jentry Kelly and Chanel make my favorites!


-What do you do when you want to look special? Eye makeup! I usually do a smokey eye or go heavier with the lipstick. And then of course curl/ wave my hair. A fresh mani is also the perfect way to polish off that look. Essie Funny Bunny is a favorite.

-Who’s beauty game are you envious of? Izabel Goulart- she’s a Brazilian super model and I think she rocks it every time.

-Any special places/people/sites you are inspired from-beauty wise? I love to travel so I always pick up on trends or beauty culture in those places. I try to always keep a broad world view vs. just what’s happening in the U.S.  

-What is one technique or look are you dying to try? The whole ombre hair thing but playing around with my hair totally freaks me out! I also love the highlighting makeup look and I’ve tried it but I’m not sure if I pull it off 😉

-What’s one look you wish you could pull off? The ombre hair look. The super light blonde highlights mixed with regular hair color. Maybe contouring? I just feel like that’s so much work!

-What beauty product are you lusting after? Armani just came out with some new color pallets I would love to play around with! I’m also in search of a new perfume but scents are SO tricky! Hermes has a great one called Rubar that just came out.

-Worst beauty blunder/memory? When I chopped my hair to my shoulders- worst look on me. When I dyed my hair “blonde” but it came out this weird caramel color. And when I used to wear smokey eyes ALL the time- just overkill!

-What makes you feel the most beautiful or confident? Might sound simple but when I know I look like “me” and not all covered in layers of makeup. To me there’s nothing better than looking into the mirror with just a touch of makeup and knowing you look good. I’m big on the effortless effect.


-Do you have a go-to look for the warmer weather? Bronze! I love being tan/ soaking up the vitamin D and letting that bronze-ness speak for itself so then at that point just some hints of makeup to really pull it together. I also love wearing anything white on tan skin!

Do you have any Spring Trends that you are wanting to test out? Light Pinks and nudes are so gorgeous that I would love to play around with them in terms of eyes and lips.

-Favorite products that withstand the heat? Coola sunscreen is organic sun care and its amazing. The Armani makeup I mentioned before is also amazing and can withstand pretty much anything the TX summer heat throws at it!

-Any spring events that inspire/influence your look? It really depends on what I have going on with WedToWhite. I’m always watching what’s coming out in terms of weddings/ wedding trends but those follow the normal ready to wear trends also so I feel like I’m never far behind.

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